WTB New Main Pilot 25-35M SP - Under 30b Budget

Long time player browsing for a new primary. Aiming for a purely PVP focused pilot between 25-35M SP. Pilots of mixed races a bonus. Please post eveboard.com links with your desired price, I will respond shortly thereafter. Thanks in advance!

got my guy for sale, just over 33mil. caldari focused but has some gallente too. Caldari frig/cruiser/battleship V along with all missile skills and armour/shield skills. I’d be happy with around 28bil buddy


Speechs Mahreen - Would you be open to 24b? Thanks for posting your offer, character looks good.

Still looking if anyone has any additional characters in the above price range. Looking for something new and fresh to take advantage of all the new features and content CCP has added to the game. Thanks again!

ReVision - if you could make it 25 i’d be happy with that mate.

Speehs Mahreen - 25b, you pay the transfer fee; deal. I’m online throughout the day if you want to lock this in.

yeah that seems agreeable, i’ll look for you online then

ISK has been sent to Speehs Mahreen. EVE mail containing Account transfer info sent to Speehs Mahreen.

ISK received, character transfer initiated to account specified. 10 hours or so mate