31.5 mil SP TENGU PILOT/lvl 4 agents/great shield and missle skills


  • Caldari Cruiser 5
  • Caldari BS 5
    -T2 Heavy and cruise missles
    -Thermodynamics 5 (less then 1 day)
    -3 Remaps
    -Great Social skills for agents and Sec status
    -All 4 Tengu subs to 5
    -Roughly 2 bil isk worth of injected skills
    -Several implanted clones (mostly learning clones)

Starting bid - 30 Bil
B/O - Make me a good offer


I will be ending the sale on the 19th, at the latest if a b/o i like is reached i will end early

I’m going to start you off with 25b then

thanks for the opening bid

daily nump home all night can transfer asap, kets see them bids

26b b/o

27 bil

thank you for the offers, lets keep it going

daily bump, id do a buyout for 30 bil, iv decided that if thats not reached in a few hours its more worth to SP strip the toon.

I’d do 28b for this pilot but I can’t really see going any higher than that.

ill accept this offer itll be easier then stripping and selling the SP farm toon

I’m online now. Are you available?

yes i am around and can get the xfer going shortly

Alright, I just sent you an evemail.

transfer is started, youll have it in roughly 10 hours

Sounds good. I’ll post here when complete. Thanks!

Transfer complete. Thank you!

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