WTS 25M+ SP Tengu Pilot with full mid-grade crystal set

Wts perfect heavy missiles tengu pilot.
Full mid-grade crystal set, 1 free remap, 256,000 unallocated SP.
No kill rights, no jump clones, positive valet, docked in high sec (Perimetr).

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Snag_Snake 21

Start - 22 b.
B/o - make me an offer.

i offer 13b

14 bil

15b,if sell


17 bil

offer 19b


bump 0/

up :sunglasses:

bump bump

up :grinning:

bump 0/

up up up

up :smiley:

bump 0/

up :roll_eyes:


up :sunglasses:

i would do 21b but out of home till next week mid