WTS 18mil Tengu pilot


make your offer

possitvie wallet,
no killright
located in Jita

6b if interested mail me

mail send, afk until tomorrow 1700 eve time



my offer is still in your mail!!

Sorry, i forgot to read your mail. I saw it now.

But i want a little bit more. How bout +1~2bil from your offer?

And i’m now in work so i can start transfer at saturday.

i can up my offer with 1 bil, lemme know than ill send isk and accoiuntname

If you understand well that i can start transfer on Saterday for my work, I’ll accept your offer.

You really understand well?

yeah no problem, let me know the time and ill be on to send you ISK

okay thank you for this trade. See you soon!

I can give you 14b

it’s defend on Cap Alberto Bertorelli’s mind…
And also you can wait for my work til Saturday.

It means, if you can’t i’ll sell my toon for Alberto.

@Enoch_Vicor The last chance for bidding.

As agreed ingame 13B ISK and Accountinfo send.

Confirm. Soon later transfer will start.

Still no transfer, please confirm transfer

no reaction from seller still, hope he/fshe is ok

lol char showed up, seller used plex instead of the agrred direct payment