WTS 45Msp PVP/PVE/Loki and Tengu pilot

Level4 Missions with CBD corp, Spacelane Patrol, Caldari Navy. 30 level4 Agents!
Great PI skills.
All CCP rules fallowed.
Start bids at 40bil

Too expansive:(, and i dont care about lvl4 , just need perfect tengu pilot pvp… then have good day…

25 bil

I said good day sir!

Still for sale.


Yea, ok. I’ll take it.

I guess I’m still for sale.

I can offer 24B

No thank you.

How about 26?

That is 2.1b above its value.

It’s all just numbers right? 30B

accountname / isk sent in a sec

accountname & isk sent

Transfer started. Thank you.

thank you, just got the email:)

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