WTS perfect Ragnarok Pilot. ALL V

Basically 80b and hes yours.
eveboard = https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sockey_Regyri

High grade Ascendency Pod
B/O 80b

ccp has been making money on this char

Indeed they have :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

50b isk ready valid 2 hours


Suprised as no bets


Thanks, but clearly not enough


Make it 75b and I’ll take the loss

relink ur char


Deal, send isk and info plz

be carefull this look like a scam

It’s not, I bought it 24 hours ago, hAve a look. I can relink when I get home from gym, give me an hour

and the one who did the post should accept the deal, sorry i got tricked last time, just saying,

Give me five minutes to create a Receiving Role Account

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Fair enough, I’ll have it linked again, don’t have auth on this phone, will do it when I’m home, then whoever wants to do the 75b can have him

Okay dude, I’ll have him iniated in transfer within 1 hour from now