WTS Ragnarok Pilot


Skills speak for themselves almost a mastery 5 Rag Pilot

Positive Wallet

Located in the Basgerin KS

No Killrights

No JCs

Buyout 80bil

worth about 70b max maybe 75 with the titan skillbook but that about it

lol considering i have seen 60mil sp titan toons selling for that price id say your mistaken. are you making an offer or just weed braining ?



Wont let it go for anything under 80bil

Up for another day

bump for another day

up we go

Another day another dollar

up we go

and again

You are trying hard to sell it for 80bil, good luck and free bump! :+1:

thanks for the bump i paid 80 so id like my money back

76b b/o

80 and its yours right now thats legit what i paid for it

I don’t care if you overpaid for it :joy: I’m offering 76b take it or leave it

I’ve got an offer pending for the Friday so I’m happy to wait it out good luck in your search

80b buyout

Accepted send isk and account information