WTS Ragnarok Pilot

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sockey_Regyri PW 1234

Buyout Bid 65 Billion

Positive Wallet + Docked in NPC Null

I will cover the transfer fee

the link to eveboard is incorrect, please fix.

Thanks for pointing that out never even noticed

And it’s overpriced so good luck…

You also need to update the API on eveboard, it hasn’t updated in over a month.

all the skills on that eve board is what is there the character has not been training

i’ll offer you 58bil, that’s how much it is really worth. otherwise consider this as a free bump.

56bil or free bump


Considering i can extract it for a profit of 60 billion you’d be wrong

65 b/o contact me

Accepted send isk and account information

isk and account info sent buying sockey regyri with Skill points 72,331,444

character transferred enjoy :slight_smile:

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