WTS 28M SP Vargur pilot [SOLD]

Great Vargur pilot for sale.

Now in NPC, positive wallet and sec status - ready to transfer.

Comes with 1 Mid-Grade Crystal set in High-Sec and one Mid-Grade Crystal set in Providence (RC Fortizar).


Start 15b

B/O 25b

15B offer

16 bil

Thanks for the offers.

Leaving the thread up for a few days

18 bil

18.5 B have isk ready

all yours here haha

19 bil

Thanks for the offers! Buy out reduced.

Looking to sell tomorrow or Monday

22 bill

Well, it’s not far from what i set as buyout… We can do this.

Send me your account name and isk and i’ll transfer right away.

Will send when i get home in 7 hours

Sounds good.

isk sent and account info sent in-game mail

Isk received, initiating transfer

As of 2:50 east coAst us time still no transfer to my account

I still have the character on my account , but the payment was made before DT today. Not sure how long it takes for transfer to complete.

10 hours

Still nothing here

No transfer has gone through yet, but i’ve been charged 20 euro. Making a petition…