WTS 18mil Tengu pilot


pass: 3374

make your offer.

start bid : 16bil

B/O : 19bil.

possitive wallet, no kill right, not yet but will move to NPC corp.


16 bil

This topic will be end in 15th Aug.


Okay, u win send me isk and tell me ur id if u want buy

If u do not want this trade, or do not respond until 3hours from now, this topic will be end.

10,681,377,072 isk

Already sold?

didn’t sold yet, Do u want buy?

Is this char still for sale?

I think I can offer 16B :no_mouth:

Now his SP reached to 18.5mil, and u also can apply 250k sp more.
How about 17.5b?

U can still bidding.




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