WTS 25M+ SP Tengu Pilot with full mid-grade crystal set

(Helgorin) #1

Wts perfect heavy missiles tengu pilot with good gunery skills.
1 free remap, 256,000 unallocated SP, full mid-grade crystal set .


Start - 22 b.
B/o - make me an offer.

WTB Tengu Pilot
WTB Perfect Tengu/Loki toon. 20mil SP+
WTB 5-25M sp all toons,online now
(It's Reha) #2

25b B/O online now

(It's Reha) #3

Still online

(Helgorin) #4

I’ll accept this b/o If there are no other offers until few hours.

(Struggle Cuddle) #5

26b… thank you

(Texas Hold'em) #6

26.5b buyout, on/off line for next few hours - let me know.

(Helgorin) #7

Accept 26,5 b/o from Texas. Mail me ingame.

(Helgorin) #8

There are no answer from Texas. Toon still selling.

(Helgorin) #9


(Helgorin) #10

bump bump

(Phan Korbal) #11

22b but need deal soon activley looking

(Nandea) #12

@Helgorin I must say this is quite a nice character. :smiley:

(Helgorin) #13

Thank you @Nandea. So are you want to buy this nice character for 25b? ))

(Nandea) #14

@Helgorin Want yes… but having the isk is the issue if i had a week more i could most likely match the price you are looking for but oppertunities come and go xD

(Helgorin) #15

bump pump

(Helgorin) #16

0/ bump

(Helgorin) #17


(Beekillrz) #18

i’d offer 21b

(TheOldestTwin) #19


(Helgorin) #20

up up up