WTS focused tengu/scanning pilot

11m SP. Can fly Tengu with all subs at 5
light missiles/HAMS at V

can fly caldari interceptor.

will most likely NOT have the current pod. Unless I can find a highsec today.

has all skillbooks injected for a rattlesnake pilot

will be in an NPC corp and in highsec when sold.

buy out 15b

7b bid, isk ready

too low sorry.

8b bid

Keep em coming. appreciate the bid.

9b final

considering that if I extracted, sold the injectors. and then sold the base 5m toon i’d get more than that. still too low.

Price for toons is lowered due to Injector price felt. My bid will be value next week, if you consider to sell it. I doubt you will get more, but who knows v0v

Appreciate it, i’ll let you know if I decide to.



You won’t get more than this, even if u extract and sell the 5mil sp toon after that.

11b I will do. send isk to Yumi iku with acc info for transfer please

isk and account name sent.

Character transferred, enjoy.

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