WTS - 35m SP Tengu pilot

I’m a returning player and looking to refocus on something else. Selling off this pilot and maybe some other low sp alts

Positive wallet ballance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Located in Audaerne 0.5 in a statiom

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Silanah_H - Tengu pilot - its actually 35mil…eveboard isnt updating for some reason

Probably around 20-25B. Maybe a little less, or hopefully for you a little more.

Sounds good to me! What if there was a fitted Tengu included?

You cannot include ships and modules in a character sale thread. Only SP, Implants and skins (Also standings, name and appearance).

You will have to makes a separate thread in Sales Adds for the Tengu.

OK thanks for letting me know

22.5 BIL

I would be okay with that

23 bil… can send you isk now if you accept my offer

i’d give you 23.5b for it if you are selling

Yes I’m going to sell. I’m at work right now but have access to the forums. Later in the day though I can be on and officially sell

Alright im here!

24dil B/O

Im going to message you ingame


up up up

As per the rules if you sell more than one toon in a sale thread they need to reply in the thread confirming they are for sale. You are also missing some information in the main thread in relation to selling a character.

Oh like what?

Just read the rules @ Welcome to the Character Bazaar
its all there :wink:

I’ll offer you 24.5bil

Will go to 25b.