Sale Cancelled

(Mike X Katelo) #1

No longer for Sale, Sorry about that!


44.1M SP

Strong Missile, Shield, Engineering, Scanning Skills.
Tengu Subsystems - All level 5

Positive Wallet, NPC Corp
No Kill Rights
2 Remaps Available
Character in station in high sec
1 additional clone in high sec, 1 in null sec

Start 36B
Buyout 41B

(TxivYawg1) #2

you ain’t gonna get anywhere near 36bil for this pilot…

i’ll offer 30bil buyout offfer… offer only valid for the next 4 hours since i am also looking to buy another pilot as well if this falls through…

(Mike X Katelo) #3

I appreciate the guidance but I am going to wait

(Mike X Katelo) #4

Bump .

(Maizie Fields) #5


Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

(Mike X Katelo) #6

It actually looks like I will have to discontinue the sale, I apologize!