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WTS Focused Tengu Pilot - 22,926,210+ SP

  • Subsystems on V
  • T2 shield skills
  • T2 HM / HAMs
  • Great support skills

Positive ISK balance
Positive security status
Located in highsec (Hisoufad)
NPC corp
No kill rights
2 remaps available

22b b/o

10 bill

Bump bump

Bump bump

Bump Bump

Bump bump

Bump bump

11 bill

12 BIL

16b b/o, today only

I offer 17B, which is a very sincere price. I hope you can accept it.

Bump bump

Thanks for your offer but still just a bit low

18b I think this is a very high price

I provide 19B. I have been paying attention to this role for a long time. The price is very suitable, isn’t it.

All right 20b I really want it

Thanks for the bids guys - I’ll close this off and accept the highest bid in 6 hours (unless someone wants to take the 22b buyout)

Sold to the lovely Caldari Citizen 2120535128 for 20b!

ok give me some time to prepare ok?

No worries - how long do you need?