Selling - 30 mil SP Tengu / PVE / Hunter

Updated October 19th 1800UTC

Focused sub cap with all support skills
Caldari - Frig / Cruiser V
Covert Ops V
All Scanning skills maxed out

Missile / Drone focused

Perfect Tengu hunter

30 mil SP

Starting bid 20 bil

B/O = 32 bil

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Bump up.


Thanks for the bump offers over 32 bil will only be consider.


If that is limit I can rip skills to meet 25 bil. Currently skills are worth 32 bil.

To inject this toon would cost around 72 bil so 42 bil B/O is good deal

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@Caesar_ertorius 34 bil noted if no other offers for 24 hours then all yours

Sorry, I have already bought another character I will delete my offer.

25bil B/O Is still valid

Since the price is the same, why not consider my offer, your income has not changed

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