SOLD WTS - 30 mil SP Scanning / Tengu pilot

Focused sub cap with all support skills
Caldari - Frig / Cruiser V
Covert Ops V
All Scanning skills maxed out

Missile / Drone focused

Perfect Tengu hunter

30 mil SP

Starting bid 24 bil

B/O = 32 bil

Serious offers welcome over 24 bil.

Bump up


26B <3

26 bil noted. 24 hour pending other bids then its yours.

1852 UTC 18 NOV

Bump 15 hours left

@Allyenion_Amilupar 26 bill accepted! Send isk and mail for account details.

Bump still pending transactions

Deal fell through, still available

Bump up open to any offers above strip cost

Bump up

To the top

Bump up

Still available

Bump :dna:

21b offer

Offer accepted. Send isk and account details

isk and info sent

Isk received transfer starting now

Character Name: Codename Smokin-Ace

Will be completed after: 11/28/2019 2:15:34 AM

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