How about 24h

I can wait 24h - please send payment and account details when you’re ready :slight_smile:

Ok I will

Hi Caldari Citizen 2120535128 - are you ready to send account details and payment yet?

Okay back up for auction starting at 19b

I offer 20b

I have been following your sales information, and I hope 20.5B can be accepted by you.

Thanks for the bid - I’ll close again in 12 hours if nobody takes the 22b b/o :slight_smile:

21B but need it today

22 bil BO,

Thanks The MadJack - send payment and account details when you’re ready and I’ll transfer for you ASAP

Will do in a few mins.

Isk and account details sent, Understand problems with CCP systems

Thanks - isk and account details received - as you say there is an issue with CCP so will transfer once I’m able to :slight_smile:

Transfer started - completes 16th Jan 2023 @ 8:10pm

All received. Many thanks

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