[WTS] 23m SP Caldari Solid Tengu Pilot - Decent Rook Pilot

Auctioning myself:


  • Very good Tengu Pilot
  • Decent Rook Pilot (Recon 5)
  • 250,000 Unallocated Skill Points

Positive Wallet
No kill rights
No Jump clones
2 Remaps
Positive Security status
Located in Jita 4-4

Auction start: 20b
Auction buyout: 26b

15 bil

16 bil

18 Bill

Thanks for the offers, he is worth the 20b+

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Offer withdrawn

Crazy Weekend over - Back to business

Thanks for the offers, and sorry i have missed some pm’s but I need a new home

Still for sale

back we go

I won’t bite… honest

19B if u sell


will be selling, but not for less than 20b


Great name


Ready for the weekend

Swooce is ready to go

up we go

21bil i can pay

Accepted, send ISK and account name and will start process tonight

ok i wll send u a mail in game to check this deal and will pay the isk for soon

i wll use the character named “wangximemedada” send mail to u