WTS 37.8m Core Skilled Tengu/CovOps focused Pilot

for sale:
crispy Pink

Mentionable Standings
Caldari Navy: 7.99 - Trust Partners: 6.92
Sister of Eve: 6.68 - Brutor Tribe: 5.44
Security Status: 3.1 positive

3 Clones, each with +4 Per/Will Implants. 3 REMAPS available.
No Corporation History. Located in Jita 4/4. CCP rules apply.

Looking for good offer. Will accept B/O if reasonable.
Checking forum at least every evening 22.00h eve-time.

Happy Bidding o/

Added Information: all Clones in Highsec. Positive Wallet. No Killrights.

Setting Buyout: 34 billion

ill start u off at 30bn i know it not close but what the hell


31 bil

32 bil

thank you. nice offers so far.
its even close to what im expecting for buyout.

32 bil leads.

added buyout in description.

This will run until 19.00h EvE-Time this evening. Sorry for the short notice.

Mad Vemane leads with 32b if offer is still valid.

err going to be retracting sorry

Confirming my interest. I’ll up my bid to 32 bil.


will sell for 32b if noone comes up with more within the next few hours.

34 buyout offer. Confirm and I’ll send isk and account info immediately.


awaiting ISK & Account Information

Sent isk and evemail with account to transfer to. Please confirm when transferred. Thank you!

Transfer initiated.

Thank you for buisness and enjoy the pilot.

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