35m SP Rorq/Prod/Science pilot

As the title says


35bn BO

30bn Min with a hidden reserve

Happy Bidding :slight_smile:

25 B/O

Not even close, sorry x

30 B/O

ty for the bid, although I wonโ€™t accept it as a BO :slight_smile:

Still for sale :blush:

35 B/O

message me in game if you confirm

I can offer 36B/O

37 B/O

I give you 38

38bn offer accepted. Pls send isk and details and I will initiate transfer when Iโ€™m home from work. Thank you

Thank you I will proceed with the ISK.

Has it already been sold?

Isk and mail with account info sent.

Char has been transferred, enjoy your time with him :slight_smile:

Thank you again, CCP just mailed me the confirmation.

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