WTS 40.3m SP Dread/Rorq/Marauder Pilot


positive balance, no kill rights, character located in jita, no jump clones

Character is for sale until 20th of Feb

25 bil

30b b/o

31b B/O

Bump, i will sell to the highest bid on Sunday.

31.5 im ready

32B bid

bump 2 more days, currently AXM has the highest bid

33B Bid

34B Bid

Bump, Sale ends in exactly 24hrs

is this still for sale?

if so 35B bid

36B bid

36.5 B Bid

37.5b is ready

accepted Sabrina S, message me the transfer details and ill send once i receive the isk

isk received , transfer details received and started. should be yours soon thanks

yo they bid 7 hours AFTER you said it ended, why did you do that?

thank u guys.i got this in my account. love u

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