WTS 66m SP all around character

PW: sale123

No Killrights
In Jita 4-4
2 Remaps
Positive Wallet
All CCP rules apply.

Perfect Orca Pilot with Mining Director 5
All Cruisers and Frigates 5
All medium and small guns/missiles 5 all specialized to 4
Precursor Cruiser and Frigate 5 Weapons 5 and specialized.
Some standings, primarily Caldari.

MB: 55B
BO: 65B

Bid under 55B if you like, but I will not take lower. Still have 82 days paid on account so I’m in no rush. Have fun bidding!

Leaving corp as soon as docked.

56bil here

57 bil

Thank you for the bids, I will go another day to see if it can go higher, but If not, I will end this and sell her tomorrow night.

Last bump, Octard gets this toon in the morning if nothing changes.

59 Bil

60 billion ISK right here.

good morning, I will accept 60 Billion. Please send isk and acct info.

Isk and account info has been sent

Sorry for the delay beginning transfer now.

Character transfer complete, you should have a confirmation e-mail. In 10 hours she will be there. Thanks.

Thank you and great doing business with you!

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