WTS Orca Starter

(Twyla Steele) #1

7,256,214 SP


No Killrights
Positive Wallet
In Jita 4-4
3 Remaps total

Cybernetics 5
Industrial Command Ships 5
Command Burst Specialist 5
Mining Director 5
Mining Foreman 5

Mining Foreman Mindlink plugged in

MB 6 Billion
BO ?

(Draaz DuGal) #2

bit retracted, found something else. good luck all

(Ria Denas) #3

6b bo isk ready immed

(Twyla Steele) #4

Thanks for the bid. I will be ending this auction tonight at about 0400 eve time.

(Pedantic) #5

6.1b buyout.

(Ria Denas) #6

for now

(Twyla Steele) #7

Offer accepted, please send risk and acct info. Thanks.

(Ria Denas) #8

isk and account name sent

(Twyla Steele) #9

Isk and account info recieved, character transferred. Thank you.

(Ria Denas) #10

confirmation email received. thanks for quick delivery

(system) #11

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