SOLD - WTS 68m SP PERFECT Nyx/Erebus pilot

All fighter skills 5
Cap ships 5
DD 5
Titan 5
DD rapid fire 5 training - approx half way done.

Positive wallet
No killrights
HG slave set in Jita 4-4
Character located in high sec.

Start bid: 70b
Buyout: 90b

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Thanks, I’ll consider the offer but I did already have a higher bid in a previous thread before it got closed!



70 BIL

Would you consider a lower buyout price? If so, an estimate please?

Make an offer. I’d consider offers around the 80b mark


Thanks for the bid. Auction will end in 72 hours

71,5 bli

Auction ends tonight at 7:26pm

Winning bid goes to Lola Saken. Ingame mail sent - now awaiting isk and account name.

@Leilani_Solaris , @Leon_Kartelo isk and account info sent

Confirming receipt of isk & account info. Transfer has been initiated. Thank you very much and enjoy your new character :slight_smile:

Character recieved, thanks for the transaction :smiley:
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