[SOLD] WTS 65m sp (Near perfect Widow/Bomber + Caldari Capiltals + Rorqual)

This is a very solid caldari cap pilot and a near perfect widow pilot
A few of the highlights
Cov Cyno (Cyno 5)
T2 Siege
T2 Triage
T2 Indy Core
T2 Cap Torps
JC 5
Good JF Pilot
And much much more

Eve Board: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/fastmine (shows 64m but is 64.6m in game with 545k unallocated)
PW is “eve”

Currently looking for 55b reserve
and 65b buyout. Contact me here or in game with offers.

And for the boring stuff:
Currently selling myself.
Positive balance
Located in Jita 4-4 Station
No killrights
No Jump Clones

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50 bil

How about 55? :slight_smile:

Bump for Justice

51 bil

52 bil

53 bil

54 bil

55 bil

Well, 55b is the reserve. Gonna leave it open for another 24 hours. During that time I’ll drop the buy out to 60. If noone tops the 55b ill do it then.

Waiting on confirmation/isk/account name from txiv

Ill offer 53b if he doesnt respond.

Still good for 54 bil

Ill do 54.5 bil


Got an offer for 55b in game. Still looking for more. Will take 60b for buyout.



56.5B BO as in -game offer

ISK and ACCOUNT sent, please confirme