WTS 44.5 mil sp gallentee / Caldari PVE charactor, 25 bil OBO

Price updated. Great charactor to just hoover SP off of, if you want to just specialize in Gila or something.

Adonik 121
No kill rights, no recent corp history in last 6 years.
Level 5 missions for fed navy.
Good drone / missle / space command skills.
Level 5 hacking and archaeolgy.

Will transfer sunday if anyone reaches the BO.
400ish mil in implants I believe.
Comes with a viator and ishtar in highsec.

please confirm it with the character on sale as per CCP rules

Confirming I am for sale. Charactor will be located in Orvolle, High sec.

bump to the top, still for sale. Reasonable offers considered as its an old account and missing quite a few modern skills.

25Bil B/O ISK Ready

26b offer

selling to janus, pending isk transfer, will contact in game.

Confirming buy out at 26b offer accepted, please send isk to Adonik 121, this charactor, along with account name to be transferred to in eve mail. Will transfer within 24 hours, of isk being sent.

oops other posts didnt load in right away. sorry

26.5Bil Isk Ready

Thank you, isk will be sent today.

27b b/o

If deal falls though I will use yours as the backup business Mrs.

ISK and account info sent over

confirming reciept of isk and account name. Transfer process starting now.

Charactor sold and transferred, this thread can be closed. Thanks for the bids.

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