WTS 66m SP Vargur/Paladin/Golem Pilot


WTS 66.3m SP char
Marauder - lvl5
Amarr/Caldari/Matar bs - lvl5
Logistic cruiser - lvl5
All curiser - lvl5
Gallente BC - lvl5 (with armor t2 links)
Strong gunnery/missiles

Have 3x Set:
HG Snake
HG Crystal
MG Asclepian

Positive wallet
Located in Jita 4-4
No kill rights
in NPC corp

Lets start from: 50b

50b is ready


52b is ready

53b here

54B offer

55b offer

55.5b offer

56b offer

56.5B offer

57b for today

58b offer

58.5b offer

59b offer

59.1b offer

59.2b offer

Let’s take the step of offering at least 1 billion, thank you.

60b now

61b offer

Will wait for highest offer till sunday. Or buying out - 70b,