37M SP Focused Paladin/Vargur Pilot

1.1M Free SP
Positive Wallet
In Jita4-4
In NPC Corp
Mid Grade and High Grade Pod in Jita
2 Bonus Remaps Available
Marauders V

B/O 42B

I can offer 31b

I can offer 35bil.

Offer noted. Definetely looking for more.

Can do 36bil right now.


37 b/o right now


38 bid

40B will take it right now.

I can do 38.5 right now


Higher offer received.

Offering 41 if you still take it

WIll accept your offer

I will send ISK and account info, if he gets it, please send the ISK back.

Will accept your offer. at 41B. Send me your isk and acct name


Isk recieved! Send in game mail of acct name youd like him sent to!

Transfer started!