[Completed] Focused Vargur/Kronos Pilot - 33.3m SP - Certified Weapons Trader

Focused Vargur/Kronos pilot
33,329,271 SP
Marauders V

Federation Navy Standings: 9.5
Gallente/SoE Standings: 4.7
Minmatar Standings: 4.0

No killrights
Positive wallet
Located in Dodixie
In an NPC corp (char.tool hasn’t updated yet)
4.1 Sec Status
Remap avaliable
Partial set of +4 standard implants
No jump clones

Available to transfer ASAP
Looking for 29bil, Buyout is 31bil



27B offer

27B, can do the transfer in the morning.

28b offer

29b offer

31b b/o, can send isk in ~7 hours

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@aeoiuf I’ll happily accept a buyout offer. Get me your info/isk and I’ll make it happen upon receiving.

ISK and account name sent

@aeoiuf Both received, transfer initiated. Thank you for your business!


character received, thank you

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