[SOLD] Can be closed ! WTS Nice Pilot - 60M SP

Hello, I am selling myself !

Ready to learn skills for T2 ships and drones !
Cruise missile and heavy assault missile specialization @ lvl 5
Subsystems skills @ lvl5
Nice Tengu and Battleship Pilot !

  • Located in HighSec station in NPC Corp
  • No jumpclone
  • No assets
  • No killrights
  • Positive security status
  • Positive wallet
  • Available remap + 2 bonus
  • Full set of +2 implants
  • Born 2014.08.11
  • 298 Skins

55’705’663 Skills Points
3’999’500 Unallocated Skill points
59’705’163 Total Skills Points

—> Adele Hex Skill sheet

50b starting bid
60b immediate buyout

I reserve the right to cancel the sale.
All offers below the starting price will be ignored.
I will come see this thread once or twice a day…
End of this auction : in one week or sooner.

Thanks for looking

Price lowered !
Bump btw :wink:

45.5 B


Added SP and 2 skins
Bump =)

1 skin added
Daily Bump !

Would you do a 50b buyout?

I consider this offer as a start for the starting bid…

I would like the offer to go up a little further !

Added 1 skin btw.

51 bil

55b offer

If you can go up to 57.5b, I’ll accept.

Waiting for @Ha_Chu answer !

Added 1 skin and unallocated SP

58b buyout offer, good for 24 hours

@Thai_LUNG Buyout accepted @58b

Send ISK and infos please =)

I will send isk and info when I return from work in about 7 hours from now :+1:

Ok :+1:

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Sorry, @Gin_Onzo, I have already accepted a buyout offer from @Thai_LUNG

I will inform you if the buyer withdraws.

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Isk and info has been sent

ISK Received ! Thx for Integrity Bonus !

The character is being transferred =)


Enjoy !!! :+1:

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