(Relist) WTS 11.4 Mil SP Combat Pilot

Location High Sec
Positive Sec Status
No bounties, One Killright for.
No notable assets or skins included
Positive wallet, no actions against
In NPC corp (Republic Military School) No other corp history

12.5B start, all offers here as account infrequently used.
Auction ends June 15, 2019 unless BO accepted before this date.

Post eveskillboard please

Trying, sorry Eveboard is chunking out on me atm

Use “eveskillboard”

Thats what Im using, getting " Warning! We failed to fetch the skills, please try again later" error

Does it have good scanning skills?

Sorry, deleting for now, trying in Discord to get the skillboard link to work. Will repost when its fixed

Links working now, thanks to Brock at ESB for the prompt response and fix :slight_smile: The guy is amazing.

Daily bump

Your character look good for me. I can offer 11b for her, if nobody offer me other pilot.

If you accept i sent 10b with this pilot and 1 with other.

I go to stay with the browser open if interested

Hi Ritek, thanks for your offer, I am hoping for something in the 12-14B range for buyout considerations. If this works, great otherwise hope you find a pilot at your requested range.

Still available, have a peek :wink:

10b isk ready

Sorry, firm on the 12B start, thank you for your offer, however.

Still Available for bids and offers.

Relisting, new skills injected and trained. Working on AWU IV, a little over two days to go on it.

Downtime bump, feel free to make bid, buyout offers here.

New week, more skills. Check me and make a bid :slight_smile:

Up to the top.

Daily ups.