[SOLD] WTS 115M SP - JF/Marauder/Black Ops pilot (Account transfer in-progress)

I am for sale, 115M Skill Points @ 90B (ONO)

All Black ops,
Caldari Jump Freighter,
Caldari, Minmatar HAC,
Caldari, Minmatar HIC,
All Marauder pilot (except minmatar)

  1. Positive Wallet Balance
  2. No Kill rights
  3. No jump clones
  4. I am currently in HS, in Kisogo VII - State War Academy Station

70b ready buyout

Thanks for the offer, will wait for more offers before I can decide.

@MZ4970_Aakiwa Please make the skill in your char profile visible,

Ok done… (I think)

71B bid

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71.5b ready

72B bid

73b ready

73.5B bid

74b ready

74.5B bid

75b ready

75.5B bid

76b ready

76.5B bid