(Relist) WTS 11.4 Mil SP Combat Pilot

Availble for bids.

Your skill queue on that character should be paused for the duration your character is listed for sale in this market. Just a heads up

Any particular reason as to why? as no points are being removed, rather added I don’t see continuation of training to be in violation of the rules. I think most people would rather I finish some core skills up during the course of the sale.

As no minimum bids have been tendered, I will extend the auction through June 22, 2019. Minimum bids will be honored and the sale will finalize if no other bids are tendered at the end of the auction period. Thank you.

Still available, bids welcomed.

Back to the top.

Spaceship Command V done, Cap Management IV/Energy Grid V next then HACs in 10 days.


Close enough. Agreed for sale to Broker of Chameni, please send ISK to this character. Logging in to confirm the account you wish to send to and I will then initiate the transfer process. Thank you.

isk and acct details sent

ISK received, thank you for your patronage. Transfer initiated and character to be sent to the account listed through in game communique. Please note the ten hour delay prior to receipt of the character per CCPs transaction rues. Contact information provided. Thank you for a quick, professional sale.