[sold] Selling 5m sp pilot

hello sir.
i want sell my sub pilot born long time ago.


Jita located
All CCP rules accepted

Start bid 1.5 b
Buyout 4 b

have good day.

1.5 bill offered

Thanks for bid, Auction will finish tomorrow at DT.

1.6B offer

1.7b offer

1.8B offer

1.9b offer

I offer 2b

2.1b offer

2.2b offer

will End the auction at UTC 11:07

last offer 2.3

It’s all yours, no further bid from me

2.3 bil on Mine Veldspar. It is a successful bid. Thanks for the auction. Please send the account information and isk to Eo Ruder.

As agreed, 2.3 billion isk sent for this characters purchase. Could you please transfer it to the following account:

thanks in advance.

currently processing this transfer

thank you

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