SOLD 21/09/18 - Feel free to remove

For Sale a 25M character with well balanced ‘start off’ skills.

Great sub cap core skills with most of the important ones trained to lvl V
Great sub cap armour and shield skills.
8M sp’s in spaceship commaned alone with each of the factions frig, dessie, cruiser, BC & BS classes trained to at least lvl IV, some to level V

Very good Nav skills and decent scanning skills.
Decent gunnery and missile skills.
Decent Drone skills, can field light and medium T2 Drones.
Please see the character sp sheet linked here for full breakdown

Lots to like about this character and perfect for the player that wants a head start or peg up in their eve training agenda. He is supremely poised to be taken in whatever direction you please with all the base and core skills already done

The character is Located in Jita, 0.2 sec status, no killrights and positive isk wallet.
Currently sat in a +4 training clone set worth 100M+ and also has around 440k unused sp’s available

The bidding will start at 15B.
Buyout 23B closes the auction, anything close to that figure will be considered.
Good luck all

17B bid

18 bil

19B offered


20b b/o valid 2 hours


bumpy bump


21B offer

Very nice offer of 21B appreciated, but defo worth more, so will wait a little longer.
Character is currently at 25,400,000 sp’s and still climbing.
Also has 440k unallocated sp’s to use.

Thank you

can u say me 2 littl things, how far is he away from a tengu and a covert cyno?

Fortunately the cruiser V skill he has is the Caldari one, so just 3 more days to do the relevant sub systems to fly the Tengu (the unallocated sp’s will easily cover that).
Covert cyno requires cyno theory V thou and that is a good 30 day train. It’s a specific skill and usually trained much later in skill queues. You’ll not find many chars with this many sp’s with cyno V.
On the plus side, this char has decent shield skills and very good core skills which are required for a Tengu.


22B Isk Ready

Very close my friend, it has to be 23B, ive plugged in cyno skill and started that training.
23B and i start the transfer straight away

22,5 is highest i can go

Really sorry it has to be 23B, i am paying all the transfer fees.

cant go so high, then good luck to find a buyer, if u cant find one u can ask me if im still searching

I have an in game offer for 22.5B thats why i have to hold out for 23B. Good luck