31m SP Tengu Pilot for sale

Looking to sell this toon on after many hours of mission running.


Some key highlights
Can run Level 4 Sisters of EVE
Can run level 4 Gallente agent missions (particularly Gallente Navy)
Solid Engineering skills
level 5 heavy missile specialisation
level 5 missile support skills
3m SP in navigation
Very solid shield tanking skills
level 5 social skills

Would like to start bidding at 25b and will accept a reasonable B/O when offered

Standard rules. I pay transfer fee

24 bil here

26B offered


27B B/O


isk ready

29B B/O

3B b/o

30.5B B/O
I am new to this game. Please let me get this. Thanks. :slight_smile:


33B B/O


35B B/O

ok ok you win :slight_smile:


I will accept 35bil. Send isk and account name and will transfer.

With pleasure.

No isk or account details received…

If not received by the time I get back from work (in the next 12-14 hours), I will offer to Skaara as per ingame mail for 35b.

Check ur wallet balance plz. Transfer to this account : 2981274972 will be fine. Sorry for the delay.