WTS 37Mil sp Covert Ops / Tengu / Missile / Drone / Scanning / PVE

Selling a 37mil sp pilot with great exploration skills and combat skills.

  1. 37 Million Skill Points.
  2. 1.2 Sec Status.
  3. Positive Wallet.
  4. In Jita 4/4.
  5. No Kill Rights.
  6. Remap Available.
  7. NPC Corp.

All CCP Rules Apply.

Starting bid 27b

20 bil

21b offer

22b B/O now

23b offer

Thanks, but looking for something closer to 29b.

Please plug him into EveMon and tell me how many injectors it will take to get into a Minokawa? Thanks.

SkillQ isn’t very interactive.

Hi, 9 Large, 5 Small according to EVEMon.

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27B , I offer

Offer below will be accepted…

I can do 27.5bil

Sure we can do that, Risa Oribe. Send ISK and details for transfer.

isk and acc info sent

Character Transfer Initiated…