NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
2.1 Sec Status
Located in Jita 4-4
No jump clones

53.5M skillpoints in total (170,000 unallocated). Full set of improved implants too.

Skill points focused in black ops, cov ops, scanning/explo- but also has some dreads and marauders.

Starting bid 43B

Two ship skins too

  • Golem Exoplanets Hunter
  • Stratios SOE Fire Cell (Defense)

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I’ll start you off with a 43bil bid

Can he fly a fitted Minokawa?


Negative on the Minokawa, 9d away on training

44b offer

45bil buyout

50B buyout gets it

How about 48bil b/o? Isk ready

Sold! Send isk and account details. Pleasure doing business.

Isk and account info sent, thanks

Character transferred. Thanks again!