WTS 2009 Minokawa pilot

Hi, I am looking to sell myself. Looking for at least 40 billion isk.
Loction in NPC station
In a NPC Corporation
Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status
No Kill rights
No Bounty
Caldari Carrier V
Cyno V
Over 43 million Skill Points and here is a link to my skills:


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28B Offer

Can you link him to Quantum Anomaly for better observation before bidding on him?

30 Bil

Hopefully I did that right

31b offer.


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Bump to the top

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38 bil

Thanks for the bid. bump to the top

new bid
40 bil

I accept Lady Surina’s offer. I will receive the isk and I will pay for the transaction. Please send isk and account info and I will get the transfer started.

isk and infomation sent

Sorry. I am at work but I will start it in about 8 hrs when I am home