WTS Caldari focused T3 / Command ship pilot. 29.5mil SP

WTS me.

256k SP unalocated


Start 22bil
B/O 30bil.

I can offer 18B

I can extract 22.5bil profit straight out of it.
so ill take that as the first friendly bump :slight_smile:

You can’t I’m afraid. 19B final offer

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no you are actually right. :confused:
i did a extra calculation.
I can extract somewhere around 21.5 - 22bil straight out of it.

again thanks for the bump :slight_smile:

You just confirmed the absolute max of your character, but hey, best of luck. my offer won’t be valid once the market crashes and your character is worth 17B

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19.5B offer

How’s 20b sound?

20.5B offer

Sale retracted

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