**Closed** WTS 56.4mil sp Caldari Carrier/Black Ops/Dreadnought pilot


(DeLuxeMaraud) #1

WTS a well rounded PvP/PvE pilot

He can do level 4 and 5 PvE missions

He is competent in Caldari:

  • T3
  • Carrier/Supercarrier
  • Dreadnought
  • Black Ops ships

He is also a capable manufacturer and exhumer pilot

Character in hisec
In npc corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
1 free remap
256.000 free skill points (256 thousand free sp)!!!

Full Improved (+5) implant set
+Zainou Rapid Launch RL-1005 (Slot 8)
+Inherent Capacitor Management EM-805 (Slot 10)

Standings - Actual
+5.01 Security Status
Caldari State 6.42
Mordu’s Legion Cmd 6.36
Khanid Kingdom 3.51
Ammatar Mandate 2.53
Minmatar Republic 1.54

Corp Standings - Actual
Spacelane Patrol 9.98
Rep. Security Svcs 9.71
Min. of Internal Order 9.61
Caldari Navy 7.97
Expert Distribution 5.28

And yes, he has Jump Drive Calibration 5!


Starting bid – $35 billion
Buyout – $?? (make me an offer I can’t refuse)

(calimero petit) #2

40 bil

(Maizie Fields) #3


(DeLuxeMaraud) #4

Awesome! Top bid is currently 43 billion. Keep 'em coming!

(DeLuxeMaraud) #5

bump! Auction is still live!

(fosruk) #6

50 billion

(fosruk) #7

Account name and isk send

(DeLuxeMaraud) #8

Funds received; starting transfer now. Auction now officially closed

(DeLuxeMaraud) #9

"Character Name: DeLuxeMaraud

Will be completed after: 7/28/2017 5:46:33 PM"