WTS 16.9M SP Amarr Jump Freighter Pilot


Starting Bid: 12b
B/O: 14b

Evemail this character with any offers or post ITT. I will be checking daily.

Retracted, not waiting that long

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Confirming this high bid. Gonna give it a week or so to see if anyone else has interest.

daily bump, also adjusted the B/O to a more reasonable 14b. If you can bid 12 you can pay 14 if you are in such a rush.

edited to clarify

So, you expect those of us who bid 12bil to actually pay 14bil?

Absolutely not. I expect those who bid 12 to wait until I close the sale and wait to see if anyone wants to outbid. If they are in a rush like Rocket Taredi, they can pay 2bil extra to buy it out.

Ah, I get it now. Thanks for clarifying.

daily bump

14b B/O

12 bil

still available? if yes 13 b offer

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