SOLD - 13m SP Jump Freighter Starter - JDC V, JDO V, Adv SC V, Freighter V

(Belthizaar) #1

Even has a good name. Happy bidding.

No isk balance. No kill rights. In NPC corp. No jump clones. In Jita. CCP rules apply.

(Maximus Ogrecuck) #2

9 Billion

(Belthizaar) #3

Gonna let the thread run for a little bit but this sounds fair to me.

(Avallah) #4

Please read character bazzar rules, uf you fix thread and aplly CCP rules then I can offer 9,5 bil

(Belthizaar) #5

All set

(Josh Shihari) #6

9.75 Billion

(Avallah) #7

Important thing still missing:

Pilot which you want to sell should confirm by posting here that he is for sale.

(Josh Shihari) #8

Can you post from the character that it is for sale as well as state who is to pay the transfer fee.

(Sorvus Mordar) #9

I’m for sale, and I’m paying the transfer fee.

(Josh Shihari) #10

Will You take 9.75B?

(Sorvus Mordar) #11

I won’t be able to pay to start the transfer until Tuesday at 8 PM EST, was planning on leaving bids open until then.

(Josh Shihari) #12

Ok no worries. I’m happy to transfer now and wait or if you’d like like yo leave the bidding open that is also fine. Just let me know.


(Sorvus Mordar) #13

If you want to transfer now and wait, I’m willing to end bidding at your price. Let me know what you wind up doing so I can confirm and close bids.

(Josh Shihari) #14

I’ll transfer in an hour or so when I getting home. Thank very much

(Josh Shihari) #15

Isk and account information sent for the purchase of Sorvus Mordar.

(Belthizaar) #16

Thanks! Will begin transfer Tuesday at 8PM EST ASAP.

Thread closed, sold.

(Josh Shihari) #17

Will post again when transfer is complete.

(Josh Shihari) #18

Thansfer complete. Thanks you!

(system) #19

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