SOLD - 13m SP Jump Freighter Starter - JDC V, JDO V, Adv SC V, Freighter V

Even has a good name. Happy bidding.

No isk balance. No kill rights. In NPC corp. No jump clones. In Jita. CCP rules apply.

9 Billion

Gonna let the thread run for a little bit but this sounds fair to me.

Please read character bazzar rules, uf you fix thread and aplly CCP rules then I can offer 9,5 bil

All set

9.75 Billion

Important thing still missing:

Pilot which you want to sell should confirm by posting here that he is for sale.

Can you post from the character that it is for sale as well as state who is to pay the transfer fee.

I’m for sale, and I’m paying the transfer fee.

Will You take 9.75B?

I won’t be able to pay to start the transfer until Tuesday at 8 PM EST, was planning on leaving bids open until then.

Ok no worries. I’m happy to transfer now and wait or if you’d like like yo leave the bidding open that is also fine. Just let me know.


If you want to transfer now and wait, I’m willing to end bidding at your price. Let me know what you wind up doing so I can confirm and close bids.

I’ll transfer in an hour or so when I getting home. Thank very much

Isk and account information sent for the purchase of Sorvus Mordar.

Thanks! Will begin transfer Tuesday at 8PM EST ASAP.

Thread closed, sold.

Will post again when transfer is complete.

Thansfer complete. Thanks you!

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