WTS 24m Focused Caldari Jump Freighter Pilot

Still for sale!

Servers seem to have stabilized, so maybe we can all finally log on and finish a deal. Character still for sale!


I accept your offer. Please send ISK and i’ll start the process. Thanks!

isk and acc.name sent

Process has been started. Have fun!

I didnt receive any char yet !!


dude, don’t post your account name here. edit/delete your post

also, if the seller made a ticket for the transfer, it will take a long time for your transfer to be processed.

ok ill wait

Yea, transfer request made, but they haven’t responded to my ticket yet. The weekend might have had something to do with it. I tried to make it clear I was transferring via PLEX and that it may take longer in the original post.

ok i didnt know.No problem ill wait.

Seems like the transfer is either done or in process now. Sorry for the wait!

thx for the char:) Trade is finished

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