Hello, Junko Ishikawa is here to serve your needs, with an extremely focused perfect caldari freighter/jump freighter pilot. 18million skill points.

For sale for 10B Firm


Caldari Freighter V
Jump Freighter V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Fuel Conservation V
Shield Management V
Evasive Maneuvering V
Capacitor Management V
Capacitor Systems Operation V

Isk positive, neutral corp (might not have update), no war dec

8b b/o

offer 8.5b

Thank you both for the offer. I think I’ll make this easy for all parties involved. I’ll take 10B firm. First 10b offer will happily take and I’ll start the transfer. Updating the OP to denote cost.

Bump to the top, great character.

I’ll buy for 10b

Okay deal. Please send the 10b ISK to the character Pufftrees . And also send Pufftrees an in game mail stating the account I should transfer the character to. I will begin the transfer ASAP. Thanks

edit: or do the above to this character

Confirmed received ISK. and account name via in game mail. Initiating transfer shortly.

confirm character transfer received

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