SOLD 30 Mil SP Character

Hello there,

looking to sell this Char Character Sheet

Can fly everything Caldari : Bomber, Tengu, Marauder even Dread.

Can Pull lvl 5 with Lai Dai and Zero G,
Can Pull lvl 4 with State Protectorate.

Only downside to Character , it has BAD standings with Gallente.

Will put her into NPC Corp as soon we have a buyer.

Instant B/O : 30 Bil.

Wallet balance is positive, no kill rights, Home Station in highsec, clones in highsec, Character located in Jita.

All CCP Rules apply.


sorry thats to low :frowning:

22 billion

What’s your minimum?


well I´d let her go for 25 :frowning: heartbroken but still that would be the minimum

25bill, how long u keeping this up for?

If you have 25 bills ready, we can make a deal right now

Can you wait 5 hours? I’m just about to sleep

I´ll keep this open till then

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25b isk ready

alright you can send the ISK to that character I will initiate the transfer within the next 1h

sorry for the delay, isk sent. Details in mail

Isk is there, I will initiate the transfer as soon as I get home from work, give me max 1h

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Character is on its way


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