Hello, am looking to retire my main to someone that will actually use him. All around good pilot. Decent killboard if you care about that. Located in Jita right now. Will be in an NPC corp if someone buys him. Have about 29B of isk and assets I can add in for the right price. Thanks for looking. EveSkillboard - Einar Borghildr

I can offer 38b for your character. And for your assets, contact me ingame so we can figure out something. It has to be a different deal otherwise CCP not happy

I will make you an offer of 41b.

1bn and Ill make sure I use him

bruh really

Without Assets, i will offer 27B

I accept your offer of 41b I will contact you in game with further instructions

How much for the 29b of assests?

I might be interested in them. Send an Eve Mail to Jester Heki in game if you are interested in selling them.

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ISK and account info sent - please confirm transfer when possible. Thank you.

Transfer initiated Thank you

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