SOLD :wink:

I offer 38B

thanks for offer will keep in mind, prolly gonna see for 2 days if no higher bid then she’s urs :wink:

Bump :smiley:

why are you selling it.

cuz i don’t need it anymore

■■■■ i might be interested will think about it.

Sure! Current offer stands at 38 Bil :smiley:

oky add me in game Skullrazor Vyvorant or discord Skullrazor#1770 if you dont get too sell it.


I offer 40B

i will sell you this characted tonight (around 2000 ET:) for 40b if this is the last offer

42b offer

B/O reached, char will be sold to NauticalSr

ISK and account info send

isk recieved, transfer started and confirmed

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