(Red Fox Star) #1

post taken down, might put up later

(Mr Slavey) #2

3.5 bil

(Major Moros) #3

Let me think about it

(Red Fox Star) #4

Bump Buy Out Lowered

(Red Fox Star) #5


(Sasheria Windsong) #6

3.6 bill

(Eva Dazh) #7

Offer 3.8b

(Red Fox Star) #8

Sold foe 3.8 eva. Please send is and account info.

(Red Fox Star) #9

Eva do you still want this toon? Please send isk and account info.
anyone else, I will give eva untill today to make payment.
char will be for sale sunday again to everyone.

(Red Fox Star) #10

Buy out lowered to 3.8 bil. First in to send me 3.8 and account name gets the toon.

(Red Fox Star) #11


(Throwin Deezonem) #12

Can you do 3.6b? I can send the isk and account info asap.

(Red Fox Star) #13